Different equipment operation for wastewater treatment systems

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  The sewage treatment system is different from the general equipment operation. When the system is just established or needs to be put into operation after a long period of inactivity, it must be activated before it can be put into normal operation. This chapter describes the relevant matters that need to be paid attention to when starting the system. , to guide the operator to use the system device correctly.

  1. Inspection before system start-up Operators should check the following items before system start-up:

  (1) Whether all equipment is lubricated.

  (2) Check whether all pipes and valves are well connected.

  (3) Confirm the power and water supply system, and put all the switches on the MCC board to the ON position.

  (4) Check the chemicals in the tank.

  (5) Check the program time setting of PLC.

  (6) Refer to the report of the stand-alone test run again.

  2. Sludge Cultivation The first step to start the biological treatment system is to cultivate and domesticate a sufficient number of bacterial populations (sludge) so that the wastewater can be effectively treated. When the sludge has not yet adapted to the nature of the wastewater and the amount is not enough to decompose the organic pollutants in the wastewater , The treated effluent often fails to meet the design discharge standards. Therefore, it is the first step to start the biological treatment system to make the amount of sludge meet the design requirements in the shortest possible time.

  Although the appropriate bacterial populations in sewage can naturally grow and increase in number, it usually takes a long time. Therefore, according to the actual situation, either by entering the sewage for direct cultivation, or directly "inoculating" sludge from other sewage treatment plants to the newly built The system is an excellent method to effectively shorten the sludge incubation time. During the trial operation stage, the amount and quality of sewage entering the treatment device cannot meet the design requirements. Therefore, during this period, it should be sufficient to cultivate the amount of biofilm in the system.