What needs to be done in case of wear and tear of the integrated wastewater treatment equipment

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  Integrated sewage treatment equipment has many advantages and is loved by the majority of users. However, this equipment will inevitably wear out during use. If the wear is serious, it may affect the service life and use effect of the equipment. impact, so let's take everyone to understand how we should do this kind of wear and tear?

  1. If the connection of the machine is fixed too tightly, or if the lubrication is not enough, the equipment will be damaged. Therefore, we need to check the equipment regularly to eliminate the wear problem, eliminate the source of wear, and avoid affecting normal use.

  2. The surface of the machine is affected by the external environment, often raining, etc., which will also cause rust on the surface of the equipment. Although this situation is inevitable, we can regularly check the equipment, clean up the impurities on the equipment in time, and reduce the damage .

  3. In the process of use, the improper use of the operator will also cause different degrees of wear, and the unreasonable design of the equipment will also cause different degrees of wear during use, which requires us to purchase and use When running and debugging the equipment, prevent this kind of wear and tear.