Commissioning and operation of domestic wastewater treatment equipment

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  Do you know what precautions should be taken in the commissioning and operation of domestic sewage treatment equipment? Let me introduce it to you in detail below.

  1. When operating sewage treatment equipment, check the power circuit, whether the wiring control box is correct, and whether the voltage and current meet the requirements. The domestic sewage treatment equipment is operated as an automatic control system, which is controlled by a time relay and a DC contactor is used for the output. The control box can simultaneously control the submersible sewage pump and the centrifugal fan, combined with the real-time detection of the working status, it has a fully automatic maintenance function. Also equipped with manual, process control system. When running the centrifugal water pump, check whether the centrifugal water pump pipeline has water seepage and moisture absorption, and whether it is blocked.

  2. The centrifugal water pump of urban sewage and domestic sewage treatment equipment ceased operation. Check whether the water pump inlet pipe is blocked by garbage or sludge. If the construction company cannot be notified for maintenance, the water pump may be damaged or the motor control original may be damaged.

  3. The centrifugal water pump of this domestic sewage treatment equipment adopts the anti-blocking tearing type submersible sewage pump. The control of the centrifugal water pump is carried out by the liquid level float valve according to the liquid level gauge in the waste water pool. When the liquid level gauge changes from low to high Run the sewage pump when it reaches the working water level. When the liquid level gauge reaches the low water level from high to low, turn off the working pump (the liquid level gauge is checked by the liquid level switch), and check whether the rotation direction is correct when running the centrifugal fan. Never flip over.

  4. The sound of the centrifugal fan of domestic sewage treatment equipment is abnormal. Check whether the fan belt is too loose, and whether to add grease directly.

  5. When the waste water in the regulating tank is too small and the liquid level is lower than the centrifugal water pump running liquid level gauge, the centrifugal water pump stops working. At this time, in order to make all the organisms in the sewage treatment equipment grow normally, the aerator adopts intermittent operation .

  6. When the domestic sewage treatment equipment is in use, when there is no normal waste water, it is necessary to check whether the oxidation tank, sedimentation tank, disinfection tank, and sludge tank China Unicom drainage pipes are normal. If there is a blockage, It is necessary to clean up these merchant pools to keep them flowing. If the water output is unqualified, then it is necessary to check whether the water inflow is too large and adjust the valve.

  7. The centrifugal fan and the centrifugal water pump adopt self-starting operation.

  8. The equipment monitoring center edits the working hours once on the electric control cabinet according to the design plan. (Unless there are special circumstances, the manual operation method cannot be used), the manual operation is through the touch switch on the control panel, and the submersible sewage pump, fan, etc. are turned on and off manually. According to the composition of each module in the domestic sewage treatment equipment, the equipment can have the effect of denitrification and phosphorus removal. For areas that require higher environmental protection standards, or areas where water sources are in short supply and industrial sewage treatment is required, domestic sewage treatment equipment can also meet corresponding requirements.