Product features of wastewater treatment plants

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  The complete set of sewage treatment equipment adopts the world's advanced biological treatment process, which integrates the removal of BOD, COD, and NH-N. It is currently a relatively efficient and convenient sewage treatment complete set of equipment. The following is an introduction to the product features of the complete set of sewage treatment equipment:

  1. The complete set of sewage treatment equipment can be buried below the ground surface, and the ground surface can be used as greening or square land, so the equipment does not occupy the surface area, does not need to build a house, and does not need heating and heat preservation.

  2. The two sets of equipment are composed of steel structures, and the domestic anti-corrosion coatings are used for anti-corrosion. It is resistant to acid, alkali, salt, gasoline, kerosene, aging and abrasion, and can be rust-proof. After the sewage treatment equipment is generally painted with this paint, the anti-corrosion life can reach more than 15 years.

  3. The AO biological treatment process adopts the plug-flow biological contact oxidation tank, and the treatment effect of the sewage treatment equipment is better than that of the complete mixed type or the second and third series series complete mixed biological contact oxidation tanks. Moreover, it is smaller than the activated sludge tank, has strong applicability to water quality, good impact resistance, stable effluent quality, and no sludge expansion. At the same time, a new type of elastic three-dimensional material is used in the biological contact oxidation tank. It has practical ratio Large surface area, microbial film formation, easy film removal, and under the same organic load conditions, other fillers in sewage treatment equipment have a high removal rate of organic matter. Can improve the solubility of the air in the water.

  4. Due to the use of biological contact oxidation tanks in the AO biological treatment process, the volume load of the sewage treatment equipment filler is relatively low, and the microorganisms are in the self-oxidation stage, so the amount of sludge produced is small. In addition, the moisture content of the sludge produced by the biological contact oxidation tank is much lower than that of the sludge produced by the activated sludge tank. Therefore, the amount of sludge generated after the sewage passes through the sewage treatment equipment is relatively small, and it generally only takes about 90 days to discharge the sludge once.

  5. In addition to adopting conventional blower noise reduction measures (such as vibration isolation pads, mufflers, etc.), a new type of sound-absorbing material is installed on the inner wall of the blower room, so that the noise of the sewage treatment equipment is lower than 50 decibels during operation, reducing the impact on the environment. The influence of the surrounding environment.

  6. It is equipped with soil deodorization measures, which use the upper space of the reinforced concrete structure pool body to set up improved soil and air distribution pipes. When the malodorous components dissolve in the water contained in the soil through the soil layer, and then transfer to the soil due to the surface adsorption and chemical reaction of the soil, they are decomposed by the microorganisms in it to achieve the purpose of deodorization.

  7. Fully automatic electrical control system and equipment damage alarm system. The complete set of sewage treatment equipment has good reliability. Therefore, it generally does not require special personnel to manage, and only needs monthly or quarterly repairs and maintenance.