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Yang zhou lvdu environmental engineering equipment co.,ltd.

        Yangzhou Lvdu Environmental Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2003,located in Jiangdu District, a famoushistorical and cultural city of Yangzhou City, close to Yangtai Airport.The company specializes in the production of all kinds of industrialwater treatment equipment, integrating water treatment product designand research and development, equipment production and sales,engineering supporting facilities and installation, technical consultingand service as one, with high and new technology as the core of thenew environmental protection enterprises.

        The company's main products are filtration, oil removal,separation, biochemical treatment types of environmental protectionequipment, mainly used in oil and gas field ground engineering,petroleum refining , municipal engineering , etc.Products in additionto the popular domestic 31 provinces , cities, autonomous regions,and exported to Russia, Iraq, Brazil, Algeria and other more than 20homes and regions.

        The company in line with the attitude of "people-oriented,honest management" , the most advanced technology, the mostprofessional design, the most mature products and the most perfectservices to provide customers. 怀远参考网站