Integrated wastewater treatment equipment for organic wastewater treatment methods

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  Organic wastewater is wastewater mainly composed of organic pollutants. Organic wastewater is easy to cause eutrophication of water quality and is relatively harmful. So what is the way to deal with the integrated sewage treatment equipment? Let me introduce it to you in detail.

  1. Ultrasonic degradation: The use of ultrasonic to degrade organic pollutants in water, especially refractory organic pollutants, is a new water pollution control technology emerging in the 1990s.

  2. Treatment method Oxidation-adsorption method: after dilution of high-concentration wastewater, coal powder is used for preliminary coagulation and adsorption treatment, and then Fenton reagent is used to catalyze oxidation and acid coagulation, and then coal powder is used for coagulation and adsorption. The waste water treated by this method, the coal powder after adsorption is used for combustion, no secondary pollution, and it is more economical than using activated carbon as an adsorbent.

  3. Extraction method: especially the extraction separation method based on reversible complexation reaction, which has high efficiency and selectivity for the separation of dilute organic solutions, and has broad application prospects in the treatment of refractory organic wastewater.

  4. Concentration method: The concentration method is to use the characteristics of the low solubility of certain pollutants to evaporate most of the water to concentrate and separate the pollutants. The concentration method is simple in operation, mature in technology, and can realize partial recovery of useful substances, and is suitable for treating saline organic wastewater.

  5. Physicochemical method: Physicochemical method is often used as a pretreatment method in the treatment of organic wastewater. The purpose of pretreatment is to recycle useful components in wastewater, or to treat some refractory biodegradable substances, so as to remove organic matter and improve Biochemical, reduce the load of biochemical treatment, improve treatment efficiency.